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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending

It’s a common belief in the modern era that, the law applies to all. Whether you’re the Judge of the Supreme Court or a common man, the law – ethically – will not spare anyone. And after all ‘Crime doesn’t pay’. Though crime in the literal sense means an intolerable offense to the society or a particular person, it can also be a simple disobeying of the law. So before you draw your imagination into thinking that the celebrities mentioned, have committed heinous crimes, know that even a speeding ticket can drag a person to court. Here we will try to identify the top celebrities who have criminal cases pending against them. Since the crimes vary from illegal hunting, to assisting terror plots, we have tried to rank the criminal offenses based on the degree of crime committed. So let’s take a look at who’s guilty.

10. Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
Though it may come as surprise to many as to why the Badshah of Bollywood is on the bottom of the list. Try to remember that, this is a list of actors who are guilty of charges and not top 10 actors in Bollywood. So it’s actually a good thing that he is the bottom for once. The actor has a certain magnetic personality that attracts fans from all over the world. But unfortunately, he has a magnetic attraction to controversies. In fact, there has never been a period when the King Khan was not involved in a controversy. The most recent one to surface was that IPL controversy regarding his drunken behavior at the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians at the Maharashtra Cricket association stadium. During the match, SRK had brought his kids along to watch the match with him; and to everyone’s excitement – KKR did win that day. But in the thrill of excitement, it seems the Badshah engaged in a drunken Brawl with the officials of the stadium. Though SRK pleaded that his rough behavior was in reaction to manhandling of his children, he was found guilty and was banned from entering the MCA stadium for five years. Way to go SRK!

9. Tabu

Tabu1 286x300 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
What follows is the allegation charged on a group of celebrities who were co-actors of the film Hum Saath Saath Hain. But since each one of them has their own previous criminal records, let’s just start from the one that looks least harmful – at least judicially. It is alleged that Tabu and her co-stars of the movie – Sonali Bendre, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan – went for a happy hunt near the protected village of Jodhpur. They were found guilty of killing two black bucks roaming around in 1998, and mind you they are a highly endangered species. So, charges were filed against the celebrity hunting gang under wildlife preservation act. Though Salman Khan and others escaped verdict by not appearing before the Jury, Tabu was forced to. She was found guilty of the charges and booked under charges 9/51 and 9/52 of the Wildlife preservation act and 149 of IPC. She is not in jail as of yet, but if you’re more of a nature lover than a fan, you will be happy to know that the final hearing is on April 27th

8. John Abraham

John Abraham1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
The Bollywood stud whose physique can put most Greek gods to shame has always been known for his passion towards motor cycles. But little did people know, he also moonlighted as speed demon and street racer. In the year 2006 he was allegedly driving very rashly – probably in one of his race bikes, which often accompany him in Television ads – and was eventually forced to a stop by the police. He was charged for rash driving and was taken into custody. Though he received bail, and got out before anyone noticed, the allegations are still on him. It’s quite surprising that a man of his calm composure has a wild character as well.

7. Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
If you ever thought love could get you into some serious trouble, then this story should be quite interesting to you. The television presenter, apart from here charismatic TV shows also managed to win the love of the underworld don – Abu Salem. Remind you, Abu Salem was one of the most wanted criminals for his involvement in the 1993 bomb blasts. These two romantic couples soon realized that their head was on stake and scrammed. But eventually they were caught with forged documents when they tried to enter Portugal. Then on, their long prison sentence began. They were first held in prison at Portugal till 2005, after which they were deported to India to be sentence for their criminal involvements in the bomb blast case.

6. Govinda

Govinda1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
Public assault is one of the most embarrassing things that you can do to damage your reputation. But it seems Bollywood celebrities mind no such thing. In fact, many just consider real lives as continuation of a movie. But they forget one crucial aspect in the real world – the law is impartial to everyone. So, celebrity or not, assaulting a person can end you up in jail. And one of the best incidents proving that is of Govinda’s. Though a lot of celebrities are involved public assaults, Govinda’s case was which attracted much attention. The incident took place in a movie shooting spot, when a heavily drunk fan came barging in to the hangout of the actor and supposedly misbehaved in front of the actress. Govinda – in all his heroic endeavor – assaulted the man and kicked him out. But once the man got sober, he dragged the actor to court, and Govinda is charged under the Indian court of law.

5. Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
The other actor involved in the black buck poaching case – Saif Ali khan has also been the center of controversy for his short tempered nature. The Hum Saath Saath Hain actor was allegedly hunting around the protected forest near Jodhpur in 1998 along with his fellow actors. He along with 3 others has been accused killing endangered wildlife species and has been charged under the wildlife protection act. But adding to that, Saif Ali Khan has also been found guilty for assaulting a NRi business man at the Taj in Mumbai.

4. Salman Khan

Salman khan1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
If there is a standard for a bad-boy-attitude in Bollywood, then Salman Khan sets a new level for it. He is the main perpetrator of the Jodhpur poaching case in 1998 along with his co-actors of Hum saath Saath Hain. Also he has been charges for illegal hunting in many other places. But what set the standards now are the first degree murder of 28-year old man and the assault of many others he is charged with. Hope the court maintains its impartiality in his case.

3. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
One of the most devastating assaults planned on India was the 1993 attacks in Bombay – planned and executed by Dawood Ibrahim. But as fate has it, he escaped from arrest, but all other involved were caught redheaded. And probably the most famous one of them all to come to light is the Bollywood celebrity – Sanjay Dutt. He was alleged of having possession of arms and was in close contact with the Dawood Ibrahim aide – Abu Salem. Hence he was arrested under TADA act and was sentenced 5 years prison. After spending 18 months, he was released on bail. But as of now, the allegations and criminal cases are still awaiting final judgment.

2. Madhur Bhandharkar

Madhur Bhandharkar1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
It all began when a pretty looking artist called Preeti Jain filed a case against the famous director. She alleged that the director raped her in the pretext of promising her a role in his upcoming film. And he did so continuously for 16 times and seemingly never gave her a chance at the silver screen. Preeti took Madhur Bhandharkar to court, and the case dragged on for 8 long years until the court was convinced that there was no strong evidence. But guilty or not, he is one of those few celebrities to have a rape case tagged on him.

1. Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja1 10 Bollywood Actors that have Criminal Cases Pending
If rape is considered the most heinous crime of all, then Shiney Ahuja well deserves to be on top. In 2009, the seemingly attractive but insidious actor allegedly raped his domestic help. The girl was just 20 years old, and was raped and also tortured by the actor at his own residence. Shiney at first denied all claims of such incident, but as the evidence began piling up, he had no other option but to confess. He also confessed of molesting her several times before the day of the rape. He was sentenced to prison, but as of now he is in bail and unemployed.


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